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Special pipe bending

Manufacture of tubular sheets, tube and pipe fittings

Range of manufactured products: Carbon steel, boiler made of stainless, acid-resistant and austenitic materials:

Manufacture of industrial pipe fittings, pipe bends and patent arcs

Manufacture of custom-designed pipe arcs, T-profiles and pipe reducers

Manufacture of pressure equipment and related pipes and fittings

In addition to the production of the above, we roll any steel profile (e.g.: INP, UNP, L-profiles, plates) for pressure and other equipment, for the oil and gas industry, steel industry, chemical industry, power plants and construction industry.

The dimensions produced are illustrated in the table below

Dimension of manufactured products Pipe/tube arcs – with hot bending Pipe/tube arcs – with cold pulling Pipe/tube elements – with cold rolling Reducers – with hot pulling T-profiles – with hot pulling
Diameter(mm)  21,3 – 406,4  15 – 159 21,3 – 508  21,3 – 406,4 21,3 – 406,4
Wall thickness (mm)  2,2 – 50 0,5 – 30  2 – 30 2- 30  2 – 20
Radius (R) 1 D – 5 D 1,5D – 10 D  10 D –  —  —

Based on our manufacturing activities, we are at the disposal of our customers with more favourable prices and professional advice. Thanks to our technical and technological readiness, we are also able to produce unique products that cannot be done by specialists in metalworking and bending.

Our production is controlled with the quality assurance system certified by the Lloyd’s Register Assurance in accordance with the ISO-9001:2008standard. Our manufacturing authorization for pressure equipment in accordance with AD2000 Merkblatt W0, PED 97/23/EC is certified by LRQA Hamburg, No.0525 (LRQA Hamburg, Notified Body No.0525).

Mechanical tests related to the certification of our products are performed in our own laboratory or in qualified / accredited laboratories.

Quality certification: according to EN 10204 3.1.

If during your activity there is a need to bend pipes or other steel fittings, to produce special pipe bends, please feel free to contact us.


Special Pipe Bending

Thanks to our special pipe and/or tube bending service, no idea can remain in the design phase, as we know no boundaries in this field, thanks to our 10 years of experience and modern technological equipment. When it comes to special pipe or tube bending, our equipment can bend several types of materials, so the end result is a spectacular composition that can inspire you in connection with a later project! If you would like to use our services or have any questions about special pipe or tube bending, please feel free to contact us at one of our contact details!

Special Pipe Bending​

Cold bending

Induction Bending

Steel industry, Power plants, Oil and Gas industry, Chemical industry