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Manufacturing steel structures for halls

In the field of construction activities and in construction industry, different types of bending needs arise during planning and design phase. Bending of bridge elements, bending of structural elements of industrial facilities, bent pipes of stadiums, bending of other steel profiles and rails and rolling of sheets according to individual needs.

Designed building elements?

Metal structure manufacturing helps to achieve this!

Metal is one of the modern building materials of these days, which is also a basic material also in construction activities and equipment manufacturing, since durable parts and structures can be made of metal. Metal structure manufacturing is therefore an indispensable material in many areas. You can benefit from this service if metal building elements are required, but parts of vehicles and equipment can also be made of metal structures.

metal structure manufacturing to all our customers. Feel free to contact us and take advantage of our services and order a customised metal structure from us!

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You can give your hotel a more modern look with special pipe bending!

Renovating a hotel is never easy, especially when it comes to a complete refurbishment. In such cases, the building is usually given a new, more modern look and the interior spaces are transformed. In other words, the whole property changes completely. For the purpose to give a new, modern look to the building, special pipe bending is also often required and that can be done by our company with great experience and at a reasonable price.

Modern buildings usually get cleaner lines. Nowadays, large glass surfaces and metal railings are given preference not to speak about the frequent use of metal decorative elements. The solution in such cases is special pipe bending. Using this technology, for example, a stair railing can also be a continuous system without corners in rounds. Special pipe bending is a very versatile and in many cases is the right choice.

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We are the best choice for curved steel bending!

Steel profile bending can be needed in a wide variety of areas. This technology is used in architecture, park design and even in interior design. No matter why it is needed, you should only hire a trusted, experienced company to execute the work activities because otherwise it may happen that the end result is disappointing.

Our company, Stivas Csőhajlító Kft. only works with professional specialists who know everything about steel profile bending. We have state-of-the-art machines at our disposal and pay special attention to the continuous maintenance of our equipment. Our goal is to produce products during steel profile bending that meet our customers’ expectations to the maximum extent. Thanks to the great experience and expertise of our staff, there are no obstacles in front of us in this field!

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