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Manufacture of metal structures

Our company also deals with the production of iron structural elements

In today’s fast-paced world, there is a growing legitimacy for precisely done work that can be done in a short amount of time. Thanks to modern materials, technical equipment and experienced professionals, our dynamically developing company can meet these requirements completely. We meet any and all needs you may have for steel structures.

Among other things:

  •  containers
  •  garages
  •  car showrooms
  •  petrol stations
  •  farm buildings
  •  warehouses

The shape and type of the steel structure of the buildings are designed according to the customer’s needs, with a solid screen or lattice durable design. Depending on the activity in the hall, we execute it both in crane-free and crane-mounted versions.
The covering of the buildings is made in thermally insulated form. Without thermal insulation, usually with galvanized, painted steel trapezoidal sheet metal cladding. The sandwich panel, a modern building material, is a highly heat-insulated, ready-to-install building element, which offers almost unlimited application and structural design possibilities for almost all areas of construction.


  • high load-bearing capacity, high rigidity and load capacity can be achieved, so large spans can be over-bridged;
  • due to the excellent thermal conductivity factor, outstanding thermal insulation can be achieved (e.g.: k = 0.35W / m2K for a 50 mm thick sandwich panel);
  • rich world of colour and shape;
  • long service life;
  • anchored and specially surface-treated shells are permanently protected against corrosion;
  • perfectly resistant to moisture and water-tight and resistant to mechanical damage.

The building elements we recommend form a complete building system: trapezoidal sheets, formwork elements, complete rainwater drainage systems, insulated gates, doors, windows, cold store doors, roof, and side-wall illuminators. Our specialist staff members enable complete construction of buildings, from design and foundation, together with the complete mechanical engineering of the entire building, with turnkey delivery. We also undertake building engineering and renovation works separately. Our well-established network of suppliers, designers and subcontractors is stable.

In the knowledge of the most important information, we help investors to realize their ideas with correct advice.

Manufacture of iron structures for parking garages

Nowadays, parking garages play a particularly important role in big cities, in the centre of Budapest and in the outskirts of the city. Unfortunately, the parking situation in the city centre is constantly deteriorating. Inside the city, it is necessary to build parking garages due to the limited number of parking spaces, while in the outskirts of the city parking garages make things easier for those commuting from the agglomerations. By parking their car on the outskirts of the city, the commuters get to the city centre easier and faster.

In the case of a parking garage, the static stability of the building is very important. Our company undertakes the design and manufacture of iron structures that are perfectly suitable for the base of a parking garage. During the production of iron structures, numerous legal regulations and rules must be respected and our company complies with these in all cases. We work with experienced professionals and use only quality raw materials, so our iron structures meet all expectations to the maximum extent.

Would you invest in a parking garage or other property?
Feel free to ask for our offer for the production of iron structures and make a really profitable business!